Son's Admission Chances OOS

Trying to get a feel for my son’s admission chances for Florida out of state and possibility of a scholarship.

6 AP classes
12 honors classes
Unweighted 3.98 out of 4.0 (88 in honors history 9th grade is his only B grade)
ACT 35

Nothing outstanding EC wise (year round sport but not Division 1 level, some volunteer hours, plays an instrument, etc) - nothing that will stand out.


If his essay is great he should be in very good shape. UF gives very little merit. Anything should be viewed as a nice surprise!

I think he’ll get in. FYI, I knew a man recently who bought a condo in FL, changed his residence (fraudulently - he still owned and operated a business up north, and his wife and kids still resided up north), had his kid, who was being graduated from high school up north apply in FL to a public school, and they gave the kid in-state tuition, even though it was obvious that kid did not have residence in FL.

His essay is very good and unique to him. He worked on it for months.

He has merit from both Clemson and Alabama but is also in UGA in state and would have free tuition. Deferred from Ga Tech but would have free tuition there as well if he gets in (he is a legacy there). Merit decisions may be dispositive if he decides to go out of state except for his reach schools(UVA (legacy) and UNC).

I’d say he’s a shoo in at Florida. No one is a shoo in at UNC and UVA out of state although his stats are great. I would not bank on merit at any of the three.

Alabama. Arizona are the best merit. Miami and U of SC are very good.

Applying to schools lesser than his stats could get good aid at a private school. Example Elon or Furman instead if Duke or Wake.

Good luck

Yes not expecting an admit at either UVA or UNC even though he is a legacy at UVA. We would pay full freight for those if he got in. Alabama merit right now for him is at 29k so almost free tuition which he would have at UGA. Clemson will be significantly less I expect. My oldest got 20k 2 years ago but they didn’t give that much last year - I think max was 12k. He hasn’t even visited Florida but it’s strong business program put it in the running.

@VirginiaBelle you mention how strong UF’s business program is. Are you aware that prior to Covid many of the pre rec business classes are online. My D was accepted to UGA and I have to tell you I was so impressed with Terry. IMO UF’s B School not worth the OOS tuition.
Florida gives very little money. Florida high school students with a 29 and 3.5 gets Bright Futures and so many have prepaid, there isn’t a lot of money out there.

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I have a friend who’s OOS daughter really wanted to go to UT-Austin but didn’t get in. A lot of kids here also apply to UF. She instead was accepted there and while wasn’t directly offered “merit” what she was offered was “in-state” tuition, which essentially is merit. I don’t recall what the program is, and I’m sure they have a name for it if it’s some sort of merit program or scholarship, so he’s not out of the running. She didn’t apply to business though so I don’t know how hard the business school is to get into, but never say never.

Also, am I correct that UF didn’t waive test scores this year? I thought I read something that they didn’t waive those. I thought I read something that their applications are down relative to other schools. If that’s the case, then they will want OOS students but more so to pay since as someone else said many in FL have already prepaid college

Terry is an excellent school and definitely a top contender. It is very difficult to compete with either UGA or Georgia Tech when you are in state due to free tuition which is the idea and what has made these schools jump so high in the rankings. It is the best deal going and both have excellent business schools . He is not in Tech yet so he will definitely wait til that decision is in. He is an indecisive kid and won’t decide til April I am sure!

And we know very little about the school because of Covid. It was on his school on his list because it is a big southern state school and it’s business program is highly ranked - between Georgia Tech (27) and UGA (33). Are you saying that enrolled on campus kids took online classes pre Covid? If so, first I have heard of it!

@VirginiaBelle no I was talking about UF. Many of the business classes were online pre Covid. UF is pushing their Pace program.

@srparent15 you are correct about the Florida schools, they all require a score. Our kids get Bright Futures scholarships that are based on GPA and score. Medallion 75% tuition only requires a 3.0 GPA, 25/1210 score and 75 community service hours. Scholars 100% tuition plus books requires 3.5, 29/1330 and 100 hours. You can also qualify with an IB or Cambridge (Aice) diploma.

You add in prepaid and some kids actually get paid to attend college. It’s a deal that is hard to give up.

Applications are down at most state schools except for UF. UF had a surge of applications before the deadline. Many were OOS were submitted before students took the December SAT.

Last month an Alligator student reporter was at the UF Board of Trustees meeting and at that time 12,000 applications were lacking test scores. Now word on how many of those submitted scores by the deadline. @Melissa96 will UF report on how many applications don’t have scores attached now that the deadline has passed?

Yes that was my question - UF business classes online pre covid? UGA a little close to home for my son but that is his major hesitation

@flprepaidmom - we definitely got a lot of scores in but I don’t know that there will be an announcement. I think the next trustees meeting is after decisions.

A lot of the intro classes are online. Usually a session is in classroom, and then it’s recorded and made available in the other sessions. Students could signed up for the in person class, but it’s usually early in the day (1st or 2nd period), so a lot of students would rather sleep in!

When your intro class have 700+ students, it doesn’t really matter if you take it in person or online. Also, even though the lecture sessions are online, they usually have at least one session a week that’s in-person and moderated (pre-COVID).