Son's Chances ??

<p>Son a junior in excellent public high school in MA. Has a 4.7 weighted GPA (out of 6.0) -- have no idea how this translates on the 4.0 scale but he is a B student, having taken 3/4 of his classes at the Advanced level. Will take 3 APs next year (Bio, Stats, Latin); President of Latin Club; varsity golf and crew; few other clubs at school throughout high school and has done a bit of volunteering and will work at a law firm this summer.</p>

<p>School doesn't rank but he's in top 30% (75/260).</p>

<p>SATs: 700M, 620CR, 520W -- will take again in June. How much does the Writing section actually count?</p>

<p>Also, not applying for financial aid -- does this even matter?</p>

<p>Anyone out there with honest opinion would be most appreciated! Thanks.</p>

<p>I have similiar stats. Good h.s. in WI, top 13%, 4.95 GPA on 5.83 Scale. ACT 30. I think chances r fifty-fifty....depends on if he has anything unique about him. The essays were rlly important. btw financial aid doesn't matter. they don't care</p>

<p>Well, they don't take the writing into account.I'm pretty sure it's a composite math and critical reading. Too, your son has his senior year to raise up his GPA/rank a little bit, and I don't think his test scores are too shabby. Yeah, and the fact that you're not applying for fin. aid doesn't really make a difference. Like Zouman said, put tons of effort into the essays..there are 6 short ones plus the commonapp general large one. Good luck!!</p>

<p>Would he have a better chance applying ED?</p>

<p>definitely, ED helps but unless u rlly wanna go's better to apply Rd so tht ur not locked in if u get in</p>

<p>ditto frm Bucknell site ... perhaps MORE challenging at WFU.</p>

<p>How do you know his rank if the school says it does not calculate one?</p>