Sooo hey rejection

<p>Female/Born in Bangladesh/ came here 7 years old
Top ranked high school
Rank-no rank, top 25%-- 900 students in my grade
Average- 90
SAT- 750 MATH 700 READING 750 WRITING- 2200
SAT II- 750 math 2c, 800 american, 800 physics
Income-- less than 20,000
First generation college student</p>

<p>ap classes- world his, american his, physics b</p>

<p>senior year- ap environmental, ap eng, ap stats, calc honors, ap gov.</p>

<p>academic awards- honor society in school, service award, semi finalist in nasa dream comp., and several other awards from competitions </p>

<p>Extra- Working at pathology lab 25 hours a week as a research assistant for one year, ---- Volunteer at american cancer society 3 years and internship for one summer --organize the big events (walks etc)-- official advocator for my school

  • Tutor disadvantaged children for one hour
    -volunteer at hospital
    -volunteer during science festivals in nyc</p>

School newspaper 3 years-- editor in chief
president of breast cancer fundraising club–organized a ball to raise over $2,000,created special bracelets sold through out school
model united nations–secretary 3 years
key club</p>

<p>I have very poor grades my first year of high school…I was going through a lot of personal/ family things
freshman year avgs- 75, 80
soph year – 90,85
junior year- 93, 102 (last report card)</p>

<p>I was diagnosed with arthritis junior year, i don’t think that matters. Working in the pathology lab, changed my life and made me a dedicated student and passionate–plan to write about it for essay</p>