Soothing/Good songs when trying to concentrate on Academics/etc

<p>I found out (WOW) that listening to the right music while trying to crack a nasty math problem or when reading a heavy loaded book helps in our efficiency (not proven. I just speculate).</p>

<p>Some songs I listen while studying:
-Titanic theme song -by Celine Dion
-Against all odds -by Mariah Carey& Phill Collins
-Any Coldplay songs :p</p>

<p>Songs when I work out / train for martial arts:
-Revolution -by POD
-here comes the BOOM -by POD
-My way or the Highway -by limpbiskit
-Remember the name -by FortMinor</p>

<p>Remember the Name is a fantastic workout song.</p>

<p>I find that simple instrumental, especially classical music is best for homework. Lyrics only distract me.</p>

<p>I actually listen to a lot of "angry" music while doing homework... or just general rock music if angry music doesn't cut it.</p>

<p>(Music tends to have opposite effects on me... sad music makes me happy, angry music makes me productive, etc).</p>

<p>Look up a band called 'Rachel's'. They're a post-rock group that plays almost all instrumental pieces. They're extremely contemplative songs and are absolutely FANTASTIC at bringing forth creativity. It's helped me write my college essays--it should help you as well.</p>

<p>Norah Jones, Mandy Moore's new cd (surprising, but it's very folksy and mellow, very good background music), Dido</p>

<p>what i like to listen to while doing homework:
- anything by joshua radin
- abbey road
- ray charles
- train
- the who
- band of horses
- and yes i put all of my coldplay albums on shuffle when i have a big project to do</p>

<p>MUSICAL: i personally love listening to musical soundtracks while studying
- spring awakening soundtrack (if you do not have "the b**** of living" or "totally f*****" or "mama who bore me" on your i-pod GET THEM it is totally worth it for music and theater lovers alike)
- les miserables- except sometimes the music is just SO GOOD you cannot concentrate
- wicked (while "defying gravity" and "popular" are great choices, don't rule out other songs on the album that are also amazing- and stephen schwartz lives five minutes from my house!)
- sweeny todd (not while i'm around, johanna)</p>

<p>I listen to such a weird variety of things depending on my mood
Less Mellow:
-Arctic Monkeys
-She Wants Revenge
-Depeche Mdoe
-Various random emo-like songs</p>

<p>i like to listen to classical music :)</p>

<p>lots of sigur ros and iron & wine for the "mellow" side, but i've found when i just need to get through that reading, postal service is great, especially "natural anthem."</p>

<p>unfortunately I can't listen to the Arctic Monkeys while studing because I kind of end up just sitting there listening to Alex Turner's voice.
haha, it's like seriosuly hott. </p>

I like regina spektor, kate nash, the strokes, the coral, the feeling, franz ferdinand, jamie T, rooney, weezer, okgo, the shins, and oasis for while working.</p>

<p>techno/trance or classical really keeps me concentrated most of the time. I really don't like listening to songs that are too catchy (like musicals, even though I love them) because sometimes you can get to caught up in the lyrics, which ends up being distracting in the long run.</p>

<p>Most alternative rock songs are good, but I find myself singing along to them.</p>

<p>Any song by Dashboard Confessional.</p>

<p>The Royal Tenenbaums Original Soundtrack is the best. Or any classical music, Debussy is my fav.</p>

<p>Enur feat. Natasja - Calabria 2007 : I LOVE this song even though the video is a bit raunchy</p>

<p>Try the Garden State Soundtrack. I've never watched or even heard of the movie, but the soundtrack is really nice and mellow.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - One Year More - UQ Law Revue 2005</p>

<p>I occasionally watch this video to remind myself to study.</p>

<p>bubbly- you should watch the movie. The music seems to perfectly fit every scene.</p>

<p>Any classical music will do. Symphonies and Piano concertos are always good :P</p>

<p>Explosions in the Sky all the way. at any rate, it has to be instrumental music for me, because if it's not then i try to listen to the words. although if it's mellow and the words are indistinct, it works fine too, but Explosions in the Sky is definitely the best for me. (classical music works sometimes, but the rest of the time I fall asleep)</p>