Soph in HS for reed college!

<p>White female from SoCal, lived in Cali for ten years. Moved from AZ. </p>

<p>First on class
1950 sat/ 33 predicted act but haven't taken act yet
5.0 GPA predicted for junior and senior years
Like 4.2 weighted and 4.0 unweighted overall so far (I'm a sophomore)
No hooks, sadly.
I will do interview sometime in January 2013 prolly.
Right now reed is my dream school so I will prolly apply edI or II.
I did basketball and some student gov.
Book club and mock trial. </p>

<p>My school sorta sucks and has hardly and clubs and only offers a few ap clases and i will take all of them im in ap world and ap Lang right now. I've taken the most rigorous schedule.</p>

<p>bummmmpppp!!!!! :-)</p>

<p>are you on a 5.0 GPA system?</p>

<p>Its 4.0 UW max and 5.0 weighted max but I'm the only one in my whole school with a 5.0 most ppl have like 4.5 max.</p>

<p>Bummmpppp!!!!! plz I need help!</p>