Anyone applying this year? I am but I am extremely worried!

YESS!!! I am SUPER stressed! I’m also applying this year…but I’m not sure if I’ll get in or not:/ If it helps you can message me and we can talk about our frustrations or something>.< lol

Hahahaha of course! Definitely a good stress reliever!

Has anyone heard from the Sophie Davis admission office for 2016-2017 application?

No, didn’t hear yet. Anxiously waiting

I haven’t heard yet, but fingers crossed!


@CollegeDesire - Let’s be on this thread. :slight_smile:
GUYS. I’m scared! I want to get in badly. :’(

@DeniseO Hi hi!

@DeniseO Hello!
We’ll all hear back next week!

Yes, we do! @Excelente. Jesus. It’s nerve-wracking. ;(