Sophie Davis Program Application Process 2022-2023

Does anyone have any tips for the interview?

When did you get the email for interview and on which day the interview was scheduled?

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Anybody have any updates?

No updates. From what I’m reading looks like interviews will be finishing up this week or next. And we may hear back as early as March 30th and April 1st latest. We are so nervous. It’s our first choice.


We live oos. My D just interviewed today.

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good luck! dd thy mention that there would be any more interview dates?

Today is last.

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home stretch… GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Whoever interviewed would it be possible to share BS MD interview questions? How does usually everyone prepare for this ?

Schools specifically request that interviewees not share interview questions. That is why specific questions aren’t shared. My son did say they asked personal questions. They know how smart you are already. They mostly want to know the real you.

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That question is unethical. All questions are personal

Hi! Do you know where it was mentioned that today is the last day for an interview? Thanks :slight_smile:

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sorry, yesterday, not today

I think the poster had an interview 2 days ago and may have asked

My daughter was told that they are interviewing till 21 March.

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Why is it that you all want to get into Sophie Davis? I am just trying to weigh out my pros and cons and I want to know why this program is considered so prestigious :slight_smile:

My son personally knows 3 people who graduated from the program. They highly recommended. They said they did have academic support. They want you to succeed. Also MCATs being waived was a biggie. Lastly we are NY residents so tuition is significantly low.

Has anyone interviewed for SUNY Upstate Medical? Has anyone heard back at all? We interviewed 4 weeks ago today