Sophmore standing

<p>how many AP credits do we need to have a sophmore standing at ucsd?</p>

<p>0 credits -> fresh
45 credits --> soph
90 credits --> jun
135 credits --> sen</p>

<p>one class is worth 4 credits</p>

<p>oh we need 9 APs to get soph. standing?!

<p>uhh... that means you would need 12...</p>

<p>Well, some ap classes give you credit for multiple classes (up to 2), so 9 is a more accurate number. It makes sense, in the quarter system, you take >=4 classes on average every quarter, making 12 a year...:)</p>

<p>is there a limit to how much AP credit we can get? because I know at some schools, there are....</p>