sophmore transfer student to USC's Marshall School of Business

<p>I received a spring grade request from USC as a sophomore transfer</p>

<p>3.65 GPA as of now</p>

<p>Most likely will end up with a 3.73 at the end of spring</p>

<p>Taking 16 units at the moment</p>

<p>Will end up As in all prerequisite</p>

<p>Essay/short answer: amazing (don't mean to boast haha)</p>

<p>EC: Finance Committee, Peer tutoring, Basketball team (not at community college), Internship for CPA for 8 weeks, Volunteered at a school district summer of 2010 for 112 hours.</p>

<p>Work Experience: Working at my dad's shop for 30 hours a week since January 2010.</p>

<p>What do you think are my chances of getting accepted for fall of 2011?</p>

<p>Hi there, good job dude. I am going to enter my Freshman year soon, but I have high aspirations to attend the Marshall School of Business at USC. It is cool to see that it is actually possible to do so. Do you have any tips? So as a freshman you attended one school, but now as a sophomore your might be attending USC?</p>

<p>Yea im a freshman at a community college right and im hoping to transfer to USC so ill be a sophmore once im there. And it's very possible to do so USC excepts a lot of transfers. Try to get involved with your school joining some clubs and have some other extra curriculars as well. Make sure to get As in all your prereqs too, USC looks at those more than any other classes. Other than that try your hardest and try to do the best you can with your gpa.</p>