<p>Hey guys. I am currently a sophmore in high school. My school is offering IB this year for the first time. I've learned alot about the program but I still have so many questions. My current schedule as a sophmore is:</p>

<p>English 10H
Alg. 2/Trig H
Biothechnology Research
AP European History (only AP offered to sophs.)
Spanish 3H
Chemistry H</p>

<p>I am a high 90s student (in AP my first 2 quarter averages were mid90s unwaited)
Its been my dream to attend Columbia since I was a child. I've visited the campus many times and its the perfect school for me.
I am really having a tough time picking between taking AP or IB next year. AS of rite now, my schedule will not allow me to take the IB diploma program for next year. My Biotechnology Research Class (the research program carries out throughout high school) does not fit in =/..and I need to take that class because I've been in the program so much and I love it.
to 1) Take a mixture of IB/AP courses.
-------- I still do not know if this is beneficial or not at all. by not taking the IB diploma is it WORTHIT to take a mixture of both or am i just wasting my time?
2) Drop the Research and take the IB diploma
3) forget about IB completely and go to AP everything</p>

<p>Do you guys know if Columbia looks at IB more? and will it hurt me by taking just AP or a mixture of IB/AP (not IB diploma?)</p>

<p>I have good extracurriculars. and Im preparing an All State Horn piece for this year to play and hope to do well with. I feel i can be a perfect candidate to attend columbia but I am just not sure that will Columbia look past this and see i dont take the IB diploma and a mixture and say hes not fit for our school.</p>

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<p>If you want to do anything at all related even a little to biotech, keep the research course, especially if you can do well in it and build real skills/knowledge (as opposed to phoning it in on rail-guided labs).</p>

<p>Also, Columbia won't care if you have an "IB diploma", nor should you. Just go AP.</p>

<p>I have a pro-tip too - if you're fairly talented at Math (let's say 750+ on SAT math), then AP physics C (both) and Chem can both be taken on without the actual AP classes.</p>