Sophomore Classes: Is it enough?

Hey, this is my first post to the forum and I am currently a freshman. I am switching schools and must pick my classes soon. This year for 9th I took:

  1. Honors English 1
  2. Honors Geometry
  3. Honors Spanish 1
  4. Integrated Earth and Physical Science
  5. PE
  6. 1 Semester of Computer Application/1 Semester of Cultural Geography

My new school doesn’t offer as many honors classes and I plan on taking these classes for 10th:

  1. Honors English 2
  2. Algerbra 2/Trig
  3. Spanish 2
  4. Biology (offers honors but not good at science)
  5. AP World History
  6. 1 semester of Family Health/ 1 Semester of Foods 1

I will be finishing freshman year around a 3.5 for both semesters.
How will colleges see this? Should I take honors biology, even though I’m not good at science, I don’t want it messing up my GPA? Do my classes sound good?

Hey, I just want to say I was in the same situation as you. In 9th grade, I hated science but I took Honors Bio in 10th grade. Suprisingly, I got an A in the class. I would suggest to study every night and just make sure you pay attention in class and not sleep!

I would recommend adding Honors Bio if you can, to up your course rigor. Is there no honors spanish?