Sophomore Grades vs Junior Grades + ACT

<p>Do colleges tend to place more emphasis on Junior and Senior year PLUS ACT, or do you believe Sophomore year counts equally? I ask as my S has ACT 31, (no preparation - plans to take again), and his current average is A- (he's a Junior), whereas it was C+/B- Sophomore year. Can he consider Tier 2 schools in the Northeast? His ECs are okay, nothing amazing. Wants to study math, science, or maybe computer science - do schools consider breakdown of ACT? Thanks.</p>

<p>This question doesn't make much sense....can you rephrase it?</p>

<p>Junior year grades are very important but it does not completely erase the B/Cs in sophomore year. Good standardized test scores are great but still doesn't trump good grades. But if your student continues to do well, some colleges might want to look at his Senior year grades to confirm the trend that he's improving. I think colleges will look at the improving trend positively.</p>