Sophomore move-in question

<p>Hey everybody! Do sophomores <em>have</em> to move in on the designated move-in day, which is August 28th? I was led to believe that all returning students (sophomores included) were able to move in anytime from move-in day onward... but emails from NYU are notoriously vague and frustrating. So, basically, my question is: would I be able to move-in <em>after</em> the 28th? Gotta get my plane ticket soon...</p>


<p>I distinctly remembering reading in this forum or elsewhere that upperclassmen (after freshman year) do not have to tough it out as much as freshmen with only one day alloted for move in. I think move in is spread out across the first week and I think you are right that the week starts with Move in 8/28/11. </p>

<p>However, due to your need to nail down an airline ticket, I think it is best to call housing at 212-998-4600 to confirm.</p>

<p>Right, that’s what I thought I heard too… Thanks! I’ll call them first thing tomorrow.</p>

<p>Yes, you can move in any day prior to the start of school. BUT remember this, the earlybirds will get first dibs on the better bed and location the room. Just sayin.</p>

<p>My son just recv’d an e-mail about this today. Any time after the 28th is fine.</p>

<p>You can move in at any point in the semester. If you came the 28th, cool. If you want to skip Welcome Week and don’t plan to hang out with friends, come later.</p>