sophomore move-in

<p>Does anyone know what time sophomores are allowed to move in to their dorms? I believe it is 4pm on Saturday Aug 21 but need to set up a time for storage company to deliver and wonder if it's ok to make it earlier. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>That is the official time, but as long as they keep clear of the convocation and the like, I think it will be OK for earlier. I guess the question is can you get your key, if your dorm is still on the old key system. We are in the same boat, so if I find anything out I will post.</p>

<p>great - thankyou!</p>

<p>I called the housing office. They said you can request early move-in, but it's $100 added to your Tulane account. If you want to do that, send an e-mail to the housing office. Otherwise, I would play it safe and tell the storage company to deliver at 4:00. I would think that since everyone they would be delivering for is a sophomore or higher, they aren't planning on showing up before 4:00.</p>

<p>Where do the sophomores pick up their keys?</p>

<p>Wow, good question. My guess is the same place the freshmen do, outside of Bruff. They probably use that time between 1 and 4 to set up the packets for the upperclassmen in the same location. Seems the most logical.</p>

<p>Thank you (again), FC</p>

<p>It may be different in my case because I've moved in early every year, but I've always picked up my key from the dorm desk itself.</p>