Sophomore Questions

<p>Hello! I am currently a sophomore in a public high school in NJ and lately I've been kind of stressing over college. I'm not exactly sure what major or college I want to go to, but like most high schoolers, I'm shooting for an Ivy League. My GPA in my freshman year was a 4.1 and as of now, my sophomore GPA (all honors, unweighted) is a 3.8. I've done 150+ hours of volunteer work at an SAT academy and around 20+ hours at the public library. I'm in around 4 clubs, with no office positions. I've had no work experience yet.</p>

<p>What kind of extracurricular activities would get me noticed by the admission people? Do GPA and SAT scores matter more than activities? With my less than 2 years before applying, what should I spend my time doing? Help please!</p>

<p>Showing leadership & excellence through your EC's is important....along with high grades (mainly A's, but can survive with a couple of B's) in the most rigorous courses offered at your school, along with SAT / ACT scores within the general acceptance range (varies some by college & major)....all of that will get you at least into the conversation of acceptance. Visit the colleges you plan on applying to during your Junior year, attend specific (to the college and/ or major you are interested in) info sessions which will help you craft your college-specific essay. Try to pick people who will write thorough letters of Rec. that will speak to what you can add to a college campus.</p>

<p>Your activities are definitely thin for college. Try to something where there is an opportunity for leadership. Better yet, do something that can highlight a passion.</p>