Sophomore: Right Track?

<p>Hi, I am a sophomore but am quite concerned about my chances at a good university. I would just like some confirmation that my grades are good enough and I don't have to settle for a college..haha</p>

<p>I don't know my GPA so here are my grades..
Frosh Year:
english 1 honors: A+
Biology Honors: B+
Algebra II Honors: A
Global Sts II Honors: B+
Spanish 2: A or A+ i don't remember
Foundations to art and Music Ensembles(orchestra basically)</p>

<p>Soph Year so far:</p>

<p>english 2 honors: A
Chemistry Honors: B+
APUSH I: B+ (will probably move to A, working hard for it because it is an easy class)
Math Analysis (precalc) Honors: C+ (79.75, .25 away from a B, but am struggling on the tests, I have no idea what my grade will end up, I hope it doesn't hurt me that much..i am two years ahead of normal anyway)</p>

<p>Future Classes:</p>

<p>Junior year- APUSH II, AP English 3, Honors Physics, Calculus</p>

<p>Senior year- AP Euro/other history class, AP English 4, AP Bio/Physics/Chem (not sure yet) and AP Statistics
(where everyone goes after calculus, so I end up in the same place that the AP calc people go)</p>

<p>I took the PSATS, didn't really try, got a 186, higher than 90 percent of juniors...I didn't finish the math sections so the last few questions were omitted but the ones that I did complete I got 100% correct..wish I finished haha</p>

<p>I'm estimating my SATS to be around 2150 or maybe lower or higher...might take a class</p>

<p>I have a job as a lifeguard, helped build houses, have a candy bar business, and more but I want to ask about my grades</p>

<p>Are these grades good enough to get into colgate? What if I raise them even higher? Do I have a hope? hahahah thanks!</p>

<p>Ask again a year from now. Enjoy your sophomore year as much as you can!</p>

<p>yeah it is way too early for you to be worrying about this stuff. just enjoy life!</p>