Sophomore Standing (AP Credits)

<p>I've read that you can't take Econ 100 series until your sophomore year - something about if you have sophomore standing on Telebears, it's okay.</p>

<p>I'm trying to get into Haas and possibly double major in econ. I would like to start the Econ 100 series my freshman spring semester, would it be possible if I had enough AP credits to have sophomore standing?</p>

<p>Can I add up the units I get from AP credits with the units I get from freshman fall? This is the only way I would be able to surpass the 30 units to create sophomore standing. Please let me know if that works (if you know) so I could try to plan if I can take Econ 100 starting freshman spring!</p>

<p>I plan to talk this over with a counselor later, but figured I'd ask some people on CC (:</p>

<p>The registrar office won't take care of your transcript until the end of your fall semester. I know people who took Econ 100 in their freshman spring; I wouldn't worry about it.</p>