Sophomore standing?

<p>how do you get this?
What about for UCLA?
I was told AP Credits don't mean crap anymore.</p>

<p>I think you get it from college courses taken while in high school. APs just let you skip prereqs or basic survey courses to get to the higher level. They don't give you credits.</p>

<p>ahhhhh, okay, a lotta ppl have been asking me about sophmore standing, so i'll just post the site up</p>

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<p>use that to add up your ap, and make sure to take heed of the max, so like calc, if you took ab and bc, you still only get 5.3 units</p>

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<p>and if you have over 30, good job you have soph standing, if not, well, you're still in berkeley, so good job anyway =)</p>

<p>oh btw, they dont always necessiarly let you "skiP" classes, but in berkeley, they give you the units for registration purposes (more units, higher priority), but they dont use it against you toward the 120 unit limit</p>

<p>however, thats only AP, classes taken at a community college are different. THOSE classes that are transferable, WILL affect your college gpa, AND will count toward you 120 unit.</p>

<p>alright thanks dmcwhiz, ur a big help!</p>

<p>Umm, I read on their website that CC classes do not affect the Cal GPA but that grad schools will look at all transcripts of coursework and recalculate the GPA to include them. So in essence, it sounds like you get a clean slate at Cal but the grades do affect grad school applications. </p>

<p>Also, Cal -- or at least their Letters & Science Dept. -- will allow you unofficially to take away CC credit in order not go over 130 units. Otherwise, kids coming in w/ CC credit would have to leave Cal before four years is up.</p>

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<p><<while these="" units="" count="" toward="" graduation,="" they="" are="" not="" counted="" the="" maximum="" limit="" of="" 130="" total="" college="" (after="" which="" you="" would="" normally="" be="" allowed="" to="" enroll="" at="" berkeley).="" will="" appear="" on="" your="" berkeley="" transcript,="" but="" l&s="" discount="" them,="" internally,="" allow="" continued="" enrollment.="">></while></p>

<p>eh dmcwhiz123 r u SURE that Cal counts CC transferable classes into GPA?... doesnt sound right to me. i thought they were much like APs in that it counts into the standing but nothing else.</p>

<p>Edits: oh yeah and that would be kinda bad if u took a lot of CC classes and went over the unit cap at Cal b4 u graduated from ur major..</p>

<p>westow: you're right, i did a quick check up and they don't. thanks for pointing that out. however, i was thinking about doing a psych major, and for the pre-req classes that i completed with AP, the score doesnt matter, but for the classes that i completed at a cc, the grade mattered, therefore i illogically assumed that gpa would matter too...but they don't</p>

<p>remember, in college, theres two different gpa's, one is major gpa, and the other one is overall gpa...........both are important =)</p>

<p>On the website it says "These tests must have been taken before admission to the College of Letters and Science." Does this mean that the AP's I take this year during senior year will not count towards credit???</p>

<p>no, those will count =)</p>

<p>This seems too good to be true for me. With my college courses+my 8 AP courses, this would give me 54 units of credit. This is almost the amount needed to be a junior. My question is, how am I getting my 7 breadth requirement fulfilled and actually pursuing my major if I have eaten up those credits with classes and AP's that I have taken?</p>

<p>how many college courses did you take? sheesh..someone's jumping the gun...........</p>

<p>I've taken four college classes--3 4 unit classes and 1 7.5 unit language class.</p>

<p>ehhhh, well, good news and bad news, good news, none of that counts in berkeley gpa, bad news, you probabily can't use the AP stuff for anything =) (of course, depending on major)</p>

<p>Why not? I have gotten a passing grade on all of them and two of those college classes were UC classes. All of my AP classes are taken by Berkeley (I looked on the website for the various units given). If I cannot get credit for what I have done, then sophomore standing could not possibly exist.</p>

<p>eh i think the whole "standing system" thing is about class registration priority. and plus i can guarentee u that AP classes are nothing in comparison to some of the college courses.</p>

<p>the point of college is to take the college's courses not graduate in 2 years. thats how colelges get their money.</p>

<p>oh, no, you'll get credit, but you won't be able to get out of most prereq classes for your majors, depending on major of course</p>

<p>Just a suggestion here, Groovy: why don't you call Berkeley and ask an advisor? Make a list of questions and contingencies and get them answered when you go up for Calso? It sounds like some things count, others don't, it depends on your major (like, a Biology major STILL has to take Introductory Biology even if she scored a 5 on the AP test)--In spite of DMC's kindness and expertise, if he tells you something incorrect, it's not his problem. It's yours and yours alone.</p>

<p>hahaha yeah, good one susu =)</p>

<p>I was not coming down on DMC - obviously he is only on here to give advice. But I was just wanting to see if I'll be able to get credit for AP's and CC--i figured I would not be able to get out of prereq.</p>