Sophomore Summer : Research track or academic course

<p>D is confused about which way to go for her post sophomore summer. Will a research involvement be better which may help her to come up with a project that she can use in science fair/JSHS , or academic courses at colleges are better? Any experiences from anyone? Usually post-junior summer is always for research at her school, but deciding about the previous summer is tricky. guidance counselor does not help much!</p>

<p>The confusion is more as most college courses talk about a project, but nothing much is known about the rigour of such projects. Do they stand any chance in ISEF type competitions? Examples are Cornell summer program or Carneggie Melon CASM etc.</p>

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<p>I'm a sophomore too, and have similar questions. I'm doing some SAT prep this summer for sure, but I can't decide how to spend the remainder of the time!</p>

<p>How do all the juniors at a school get research for the summer? Coming from a rural area where I've never heard of a kid doing research I'm curious how that works. Does the school have strong ties with a particular university, or are there fee programs the kids sign up for? Or is it something else?</p>

<p>I don't know a specific answer to your question, but do think it is extremely important the kids do something they genuinely enjoy. Otherwise, you're going to have a burned-out feeling child by the time September rolls around.</p>