Sophomore Transfer Chances?

<p>I’m applying to enter BC carroll school of management as a sophomore fall 2012.
Do I stand a decent chance?</p>

<p>HS stats;
gpa 3.47
act: 28
good ecs varsity sports, community service</p>

<p>College: (large midwestern state school, go bucks!)
gpa: 3.68
involved in three clubs, two academic, one recreational
should have good rec from econ professor and decent rec from math t.a.</p>

<p>Dear RiedyZac000 : Please spend some time to research the numbers that we have previously provided regarding transfer acceptance rates and requirements from other schools. These are available in the Boston College Fact Book (check the BC site for details).</p>

<p>In summary, an ACT 28, a GPA range of 3.4 to 3.7, and no major material indicating leadership in business will certainly not add up to transfer success into CSOM.</p>

<p>Thank you scottj for this incredibly helpful response. I suppose being a student member of the CFA society in my current city, a member on a committee within the undergraduate finance association, and being involved in a capital investing club and its associated competitions would not suffice as indicators of my involvement and leadership in business related endeavors. Perhaps I should have elaborated on my college ec’s in my initial post. Once again I would like to genuinely thank you for your insight and attempt to point me in the right direction.</p>