Sophomore Transfer: Off Campus Roommate

<p>Currently going to be a sophomore transfer student this fall and was not provided on campus housing. So im looking for a roommate/roommates to get a apartment (I pretty much get along with everyone). Also my brother just graduated from BU and lived off campus for 3 years. Im very familiar with the area and know the best spots to get a place. I would take the initiative in finding a place if anyone is interested.</p>

<p>Looking for a male or female?</p>

<p>I'm a guy who's interested in getting an off campus place but I'd prefer it be within walking distance to Bay State Road as I'm doing AFROTC stuff there really early in the morning. I can pretty much get along with anyone (partiers, studiers, whatever).</p>

<p>yea looking for a male roommate</p>

<p>Has this all been worked out already?</p>