Sophomore year housing?

D is a rising sophomore who didn’t have a good time slot for selecting housing and is currently slated to live in Crest with 3 other girls. In looking on the map, it’s quite far from campus and I’m concerned about her getting back and forth to campus, being at the library late, and travelling without a car. Also, are these apartments in a residential area, are they new, maintained? She is on a wait list for Danielly and Oaks, but not sure of likelihood of getting off the wait list at this point. Welcome any feedback and experience!

My son (sophomore) lived in Crest this year and had no travel issues - its on the BioBus route so a car is not required helpful? sure - he does not have a car. One of her roommates might have one so that can always help

  • its not in a residential area, just an extension of campus
  • New? as in Global new? no. But it's very spacious and nice. lots of room
  • Maintained? they are required to clean the apartment.
  • positive is that she will no longer have to be on the full meal plan and can choose the 200 or 300 meal plan options - a $$ savings.

and no he is not living there next year only due to the fact he is moving to Mill Point (Ritz Carlton)

Hope that help some.