Sophomore Year Sucked

<p>I've been wanting to go to Rutgers for a very long time since I live in NJ, but I'm afraid my GPA is going to kill me. Freshman Year I Finished With a 3.1 GPA(Pretty Bad). Sophomore Year sucked balls, I went through that whole who cares about school phase, and paid for it. I finished with a 1.3. I'm now a junior and have a 3.3 GPA, but know I can improve on that. If I get at least a 1200(Math and CR) on the SAT, and have something like a 3.4 senior year, do you think Rutgers would look past my sophomore year, and focus on the upward trend that I showed Junior and Senior Year?</p>

<p>well i was in the same boat as you. i didnt care about school at all. freshman sophmore and the first marking period of my junior year was terrible. and the rest of junior year and senior yeah i did really well. sats we' because SAT were basically everything i personally missed out on in my freshman and soph yr. anyway i picked my grades up and i didnt get into rutgers. before i got my answer i went to meet with admissions to see what my chances were and she took one look at my transcrip and said "oh, no no no". literally said that. it was a slap int he face that she was so blunt on it. but i told her i made improvement and shes like "i can see that but if you have anything lower than a C (meaning a D or an F) on your report card then we dont look any further..." she said it didnt matter if the D or the F was in frosh year or sr. it weighs the same.</p>

<p>now im in community college (first year) and i have a 3.8 GPA and im hoping to transfer. but i thought my story would give you an idea of what to expect. it wasnt to discourage you at all. i still think you should apply when the time comes because there is no harm in trying</p>

<p>Anything below a C??? Uh-oh, will I be reconsidered even after admission? What if it was a weighted class?</p>

<p>im not sure how it works after admission. i dont think one bad grade will take away your acceptance but im not positive about that. AP classes might be weighted lighter cause their expected to be harder. but liek i said i wodlnt really know, im just guessing</p>

<p>hey driftingxdream, if you don't mind me asking, what where your SAT scores?</p>

<p>lol. my scores were pretty embarassing. i didnt even break a 1000 out of the old score..i dont remmeber them exactly but it was in the upper 900's. =/</p>

<p>hey dan i was also in the same boat as you, with the sophomore slump, but keep up your grades in junior and senior year and be persistent next year, send them midterm grades and everything.</p>