<p>What are the most advanced classes you can take during your sophomore year?</p>

<p>APs are only for juniors and seniors at my school, so i take all honors (chem, geometry, english, french 3, and world/us history)</p>

<p>iam taking AP World and Ap CAlculus BC rite now,, The most advanced?? there's no limit for that.. ahhaha.. U take course according to ur strength,, some of my friends took english in the summer and they are taking ap eng lang.. some are taking ap chem</p>

<p>in my school, if you are on an advanced route, the only AP is biology as a sophmore, but if you are on an even more advanced route or you took classes over the summer you can take whatever AP's you want--if you took chemistry over the summer after frosh year, then you could take AP chem in sophmore year</p>

<p>In our high school you can take any course for which you've had the prerequisites or can convince the teacher and department head you know the material. My son took AP Comp Sci as a freshman and AP Bio as a sophomore.</p>