Sororities at Colgate

I’m wondering about the cost and the exclusivity. Is a partial but substantial financial aid girl going to fit in? Will she even get bids? She is an athlete but won’t be playing in college if that matters as far as fitting in. Will be pre med.

At S18’s big state U fraternities are actually a bit cheaper than the dorms and sororities are a bit more when you figure all the extras but reasonable. I guess also if she needs a $5000 discretionary budget to fit in I want to know that too.

Thanks for any insight.

My D is a currently a freshman. I am not familiar with Colgate’s sorority but as far as I know Greek life is big there. My d is not part of any but is quite active in other non-sport group activities like dance groups, student council and volunteering. From our experience, and based on our combined income more or less around 99-100K, the grant/scholarship she was given was good. Her FA was really decent and we only had to pay her room and meals plus books. Check the schools bicentennial initiative for Fall 2020. My understanding is they will remove the fed loans completely but will increase grant. Outside loans are still possible. What I found based on my Ds other financial aid offers from last year (Clarkson, RPI, RIT, Stonybrook, Binghamton)Colgate offered the best and less OOP for us. Hope this helps. Message me if there’s anything else you want to know.

Not sure, but I do know you can’t pledge freshman year. Our guide was in a sorority, but said her roommates were not.