Sororities at Penn?

<p>Hey I'm transferring to Penn as a Junior this fall, and I wanted to know about the Greek life. What are the "personalities" of the different houses? do they even let transfer girls rush? I never rushed in my previous but I'm curious about it now.</p>



<p>I think this is a very accurate analysis.</p>

<p>Linda H-</p>

<p>Hey! I am a rising Junior in the College who transferred to Penn from Colgate last Fall (07). I didn't plan on rushing because formal recruitment seemed so fake/time consuming, but when I realized that some of the sororities did informal recruitment in the fall, I decided to give it a shot. While Jelly88's post does somewhat accurately represent the "stereotypes" associated with each sorority, I suggest you check them all out before ruling any out. I ended up joining Phi Sigma Sigma because the sisters there far and away were some of the most welcoming, genuine, laid back and friendly women I'd ever met. The concentration of "cool/smart people Amber likes" was so high that in the ~3 weeks I was "rushing" (ie. going out to dinner w/sisters, watching Grey's at the house etc.), I'd made a couple of good friends. I don't know where you're transferring from, or what Greek life is like there, but I urge you to sample it at Penn. It really helped me get connected on campus & expand my social circle beyond transfer kids.</p>

PS. If you have questions about Phi Sig/transferring to Penn in general feel free to PM me!</p>

<p>Tri-Delt has been very mediocre the past few years...too many ugly girls.</p>

<p>Theta is really head and shoulders above the others in terms of attractiveness.</p>