Sororities at WashU

D22 loves WashU on paper, pics and website, but recently discovered the 39 pct sorority participation rate. She is very studious, hard working, not into parties or getting made up, and fairly reserved. She enjoys company of small group of friends, boyfriend, watching movies/series, going for a walk in the park, baking, etc. And the elitism, competitiveness and selectivity of sororities is not something she enjoys or wants in her college. Is WashU a good fit for her?

Greek life at WashU has changed over the past year. You might want to do a little research. I think you will find less participation. And in general, since there are no sorority houses, it might less daunting. I know my son chose not to join a fraternity and he is very happy with his social life.

PS I am sure she knows about Forest Park right across the street from WashU. A great place to spend downtime. :slight_smile:


Yes, WashU can definitely be a good fit for her! Plenty of different social scenes depending on her interests – it won’t be hard to find people who prefer game nights and baking to going out. FYI there has been a big drop in sorority involvement in the past year following conversations about social justice and inclusivity, plus most Greek students are involved in many other activities, clubs, campus jobs, sports, etc, so it’s not a firm dividing line at all. Rush doesn’t even happen until 2nd semester, so students have the whole fall to make friends before it even comes up! I’m sure she’ll find her people wherever she goes :slight_smile:

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