Sorority for international students?

I'm a prospective student at UCLA, starting in January (Winter quarter) and I would love to be in a sorority. Does anyone know how to "apply" or how to do? I also wonder if the sororities accept international students, because I'm from Sweden..
Please share your thoughts!</p>

<p>My daughter is a senior at UCLA and in a sorority. Yes, they do take international students as her sorority has a girl from France. Most sororities will have what is called "rush" in the beginning of winter quarter. That is when all the sororities and fraternities accept new members. It is a process that takes a few days to a week. You go to all the houses for quick visits, then interviews, then smaller "parties" while you decide which one you prefer and the sororities also decide who they would like to invite to join their house.
There is really nothing you can do right now but when you get to campus start asking around and I am sure you will see or hear about sorority rush. Go to the main UCLA website and search "greek life" or "sorority" and you will find in for there.</p>