Sorority reputations

<p>Hey! This kind of stems from another question I asked, but I wanted to start a new thread because it's on a different subject. I'm going to be a freshman this fall and I'm definitely going to rush. I don't know much about the sororities on campus but I've heard that different ones have different reputations. Since rush is during the 1st week of school, I don't know if i'll get an accurate impression of each. So to any Tech students, what do you have to say about specific sororities on campus?</p>

<p>side note: Does anyone know how crucial letters of rec are for rushing at Tech?</p>

<p>Rushing is about finding a group of peers with whom you identify and want to spend time. It is not about finding a house that has a certain reputation. You should be able to get a general feel from each house you visit, and the pledge process is designed to allow you to get to know a sorority on a deeper level before you become a sister. Visit their websites and talk to the recruitment chairs if you have further questions. I am sure you will get tons of "info" about reputations once you show up at Tech...</p>

<p>I have never heard of rec letters being used. Besides having to get dressed up, the process is far less formal than you seem to think.</p>

<p>Sororities at Tech do use Rec letters, but their value varies from person to person (not just from house to house). At many schools, you can't get into a house without a rec letter, but Tech is not nearly as competitive.</p>

<p>Sorority rush is very different than fraternity rush, and to be honest, is quite superficial. At fraternity rush, you just go and spend time at houses, meet people, and if you're unsure you rush the next Spring or the following Fall. At sororities, the rush process is very structured, is based around first impressions, appearance, and pre-written scripts. </p>

<p>The best way to learn about sororities is to network. If you know someone that knows someone that's in a sorority at Tech, try to get information that way. I'll PM you some more.</p>