Sorority Stereotypes

<p>I was just wondering what the different stereotypes were of the different sororities on everyone's campus. For example, Sorority #1 only takes smart girls, while Sorority #2 only takes preppy girls, etc. </p>

<p>I'm really interested in seeing how they vary from school to school.</p>

<p>mostly slut girls</p>

<p>there's different kinds - there's ones for honors, ones for community service, even an 'alternative' sorority (it's not as awesome as it sounds :P)</p>

<p>here they're pretty much rich barbie dolls. on bid day they were all out on the library lawn and MAN. so many clones.</p>

<p>but over all they're just all "sorotitutes" and we guys love them for that <3</p>

<p>and so we come to the dictionary part of this thread:</p>

<p>I wouldn't be comfortable in a sorority because it seems like a lot of sororities are homophobic....

<p>not when they're drunk ;)</p>

<p>True but I just find the whole "sisterhood" thing to be a joke. I love women but I also know women/people of the female sex...they can be vicious. I mean, I would know, I am one and the majority of my friends are girls.
My aunt and my cousin both joined the same sorority and now my aunt is sort of left behind now that my cousin has went on to graduate school. (My aunt is 21 and the cousin I'm talking about is....23...24....)
Anyway, my aunt was telling me how so many girls in her sorority don't like her, how they left a few mean messages on her phone, and just things of that nature.
I find that my parent's money and mine could be well spent on other things rather than a sorority.</p>

<p>Speaking of the "sisterhood" deal, ever notice that when you went to summer camp way back in, like, the 90s, the girls immediately tried to bond by sharing their deepest, darkest most tragic secrets. They try to tell you things your best friend didn't tell you for years. Anyways, I guess after all those summers I just figured all large groups of girls were bad news...unless there's alcohol involved.</p>

<p>(But I have a special sorority for sexy femmes. We don't need to be drunk to make out!)</p>

<p>haha that's funny misssuperfantastic lol</p>

<p>well... I say, watch Legally Blonde(I/II)!!!</p>


<p>i think it all comes down to feeling the need to buy friends.. that's about it.. of all sororities or fraternities... yeah...</p>

<p>fuzzy sweaters.........</p>

<p>I think it depends on the school and, more generally, part of the country. </p>

<p>There are some people who have wonderful experiences in sororities - but three words come to mind: "Not for everyone." Some people thrive with the sisterhood thing - absolutely love the closeness, the networking, the late nights with their girlfriends. Wrong choice for many other women.</p>


i think it all comes down to feeling the need to buy friends.. that's about it.. of all sororities or fraternities... yeah...



<p>"(But I have a special sorority for sexy femmes. We don't need to be drunk to make out!)"</p>

<p>It certainly works for me seeing as I plan on never drinking in my life and I only make out with girls. And oh yeah, I'm a sexy femme. ;)</p>

<p>Sororities are pointless. Bonding, sister hood what kind of **** is that! There not very diverse and are unecessarily selective. Most of them are druken sluts who sleep with the guys of their frat. Its all one giant social cult swimming in vanerial diseases and alcohol!</p>

<p>"I only make out with girls."
ever considered including a guy? ;)</p>

<p>Nah, I forsee no making out with a guy in my future at any time. Sorry.
I'm no bisexual, just a lesbian.</p>

<p>As for the comment about most of them being sluts, my aunt nor my cousin are sluts. I do know you said "most" and I'm sure that's true. I think it's basically a college-level clique. Only the pretty girls get in, it's elitist, etc.
EVEN THOUGH I have seen some not-so-attractive girls get into a sorority that was known as "the pretty girls" sorority.</p>

<p>hey, Fraternities are NOT places where you buy friends, OK?</p>

<p>read about the history of fraternities, you'll realize it didnt start as a place where rapes take place.</p>

<p>i didn't say fraternities are a place where rape takes place. i just consider it buying friends.. especially since you have to pay to be a member... and such</p>