Sorority's and Rushing

I’ve never really been into joining a sorority, but it seems UF puts a large emphasis on it. I also heard a ton of negatives from rushing and the judgement of it all. Can anyone give me any information or insight on this?

While Greek life is popular at UF, only 20% of men or women join fraternities or sororities. It’s not a requirement.

Rush is a pretty intense process. Greek life has a very strong presence around campus, since most people in it are highly social and involved. Greek life isn’t necessarily required in order for you to get the most out of your college experience, but I’d suggest signing up for rush and seeing if you like any of the houses - rush doesn’t obligate you to join one!

There’s a lot of pros/cons, it’d take me forever to list them lol. You can have a great time at UF with or without Greek life - and even rush as a sophomore instead, if you’re not sure about it yet!

What kind of questions do they ask at rush? How intense is it?