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<p>Throughout the 1300s to the 1600s, as trade flourished and contact with the world increased, so did the diversity of cultures. These cultures frequently mixed, but also clashed due to varying beliefs and ways of life. In Western Europe, there were three main types of relgious people: Protestant, Catholics, and Jews. These religions, put into the same area, resulted in a merge of cultures and beliefs, though they quite frequently led to disagreements. Though the fundamental monotheistic belief in God and way of life stayed mostly the same for Judaism, the Church split once again to accomidate the various beliefs of the population. To better understand how the religions changed and interacted over time, one needs to look at how the religions interacted.
In Western Europe, the Catholic Church was one of the most prominant groups and authority. The church dictated the way of life and people abided by it. They sold "indulgences". This meant that if one bought this, one would have an easier path to heaven. An alternative motive, however, might have been to raise money for the church. A priest named Martin Luther did not like the indulgences. He believed that the Church was straying apart from its proper path. He grew angry about the problems with the Church and wrote his 95 Thesis and nailed it to a Church door. Though he was exiled, his followers became known as Protestants. Throughout the years, they became persecuted by the Catholic Church, since they opposed it. This led to much conflict and the church tried to reform themselves while persecuting the Protestants.They stopped their indulgences and reformed the church quite a bit to make it more appeasable for the population. They did reasserted their authority, though, and discouraged the Protestants.
Judaism also had problems with Christianity. Over the years, the Jewish people have been oppressed and moved around. The church discouraged other religions, and targeted Jewish people. In most places in Western Europe, the dominant religion was Christianity, so Jewish people quite frequently were treated badly. During this time period, the Crusades took place. This was when the church pushed groups to go to other cities and even nations to convert people to Chritsianity. If they did this, they would have an easier ride to Heaven. During the time of the Crusdades, countless lives were killed, as this was a gruesome time of conversion, since many refused to convert. The Jewish people were once again opressed. Their culture, however, through out history, has not really changed. The main thing that changed about them was their location as they moved around after being kicked out of many areas. They did, however, stay true to their religion.
In conclusion, over the years as new cultures and beliefs emerged, so did the clash and blend of the cultures. Religions, in particular, were significantly effected, and in the process, Protestantism was born. The Catholic Church had to change some of their methods, and the Jewish people had to change locations. The latter religions mentioned, however, still kept their fundamental beliefs until this day. The clash of these religions affected the way people viewed them and their popularity during that time, and now effects how they are used today.</p>

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