Sorry to bother, but might i stand a chance?

<p>GPA: 3.95 ish
Weighted: 4.10 ish
Rank: 5/150
SAT: 1950 Composite: 650M, 650CR, 650W
ACT: 32 Composite: 35 English, 31 Math</p>

National Honor Society
National Merit Commended/Semi-Finalist</p>

Varsity Baseball 3 years
Varsity Tennis 3 years
Academic Team
Key Club
Community college courses every summer
Organized a Significant recycling program for my community through Key Club</p>

<p>In addition, i play guitar fairly skillfully. Would this help me look like a more well-rounded candidate?</p>

<p>And just to straighten some things out, my GPA at my current school, where i am a junior, is a 4.0. I got two B's from my last school as a freshman. The school was St. Xavier of Cincinnati. Idk if you've heard of it, but its a highly selective jesuit school of 1600 that sends hundreds of guys to selective colleges every year. Also, i plan to complete much more community service and EC's over this summer. </p>

<p>So... if you dont mind, tell me what you think my chances are at schools like Princeton!</p>

<p>ok so ill take the lack of response as a "you have no chance"

<p>SAT score could be higher. Other than it looks pretty solid. Btw, how did you do tennis and baseball for 3 years? Aren't they the same season?</p>

<p>where im from, tennis is a summer/fall sport and baseball is going on right now in the spring. I would play golf too but its in the spring here which suck because im better at golf but baseball is a big deal where im from... anyways</p>

<p>haha btw i just scored a 2040 on the last SAT i took so now i have a 2080 superscore. is that reasonable?</p>