Sorry to bother! What are my chances ND Regular Decision?

<p>Hey do I have a shot?</p>

<p>1400 SAT m-640 v-760
3.83 GPA uw above 4.0 if weighted
All honors and APs I have taken every AP course offered except AP Chem but I am taking two science classes this year and one is running start
rank in class 8%</p>

cross country
ASB officer
teen advisory council
national honor society
link crew
youth group
Girls State
French club</p>

<p>volunteer work
food bank
children's museum
mayor's political campaign
presidential campaign this year</p>

<p>My best subjects are English and history so I'm sure I can write an essay that is up to par and I already have great letters of rec
I am Catholic and my uncle attended Notre Dame (If these help at all)</p>

<p>I say you have a good shot...your catholism and you uncle going there really d/n help you...but tough class load=good and your scores are above average for committed are/were you in track and CC? committment=good</p>

<p>yeah so good luck</p>