Sort of behind with physical education

<p>Hey, I just wanted to know how this might affect my chances at the UC’s. I took one year of P.E freshman year, which fulfilled one year of the 2 year physical education requirement. Yet, I’ve waited until senior year of second semester to take P.E and track, partially because I didn’t want to give up any of AP classes. Then again, P.E next semester will be a Pre-first class. I just wanted to know if this would kill my chances with the UC’s. Is there any way to let them know that I’m doing P.E next semester along with track? </p>

<p>I’ve been pushing myself through my entire high school career, but I don’t want to be rejected thanks to something like this.</p>

<p>UCs don't care about PE. You can mention it in Additional Comments if somehow it hindered your ability to take certain a-g/AP courses. But otherwise it's not worth talking about; everyone takes PE.</p>