(Sort of facetious) Question about Explore USC

<p>I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the finalists for a Trustee Scholarship and will be attending one of the 2-day/1-night Explore USC sessions. I learned that I will be spending the night with a current student who's "sponsoring" me.</p>

<p>So, I was wondering if anybody knows (through hearsay or through personal experience) if the student sponsors have taken the scholarship finalists to parties on the first night. I have heard a rumor or two from some friends that there have been finalists that went to a party with their sponsor the night before their interview and, well, had a really good time. </p>

<p>Can anyone (parents, current students, etc.) provide any more insight?</p>

<p>I'm sure that might be true, but remember 2 things:
1] you dont have to go to a party.
2] you DO need to make sure that you get a good nights sleep as you, not your sponsor, will be the one who needs to make a great impression at your interview the next day in order to have a chance to win the Trustee scholarship. A so-so interview could get you bumped down to a half scholarship[ this happens to some every year] .
There will be plenty of times for parties once you are in college, so if USC is where you want to go, and you want the scholarship - dont blow the interview.
nuff said......</p>