Sort of like FDA

<p>Okay, my brother & I want to start a new club at school--FSPA=Future Science Professions of America. I didn't want to do FDA (Future Doctors of America) because that sort of limits the club to only future 'doctors', and not many people would join. </p>

<p>Some of our ideas include making presentations on the different aspects of various scientific professions. We plan to hold 6 positions since my brother & I will hold the original 2 positions of President & Vice President. We also plan to have doctors and other scientic professionals visit the club and speak. We'll hold a fund raiser and plan a trip to the local hospital for others to tour. We may also plan trips to other scientific institutions & conventions. We have many advertising ideas to get people interested in joining. </p>

<p>But I still need some more ideas to keep the club going for a whole year. Anyone have any ideas whatsoever that we could include in this club?</p>

<p>you could have seminars teaching kids what they can do in high school to be better prepared for a career in the science field... i.e. how to write lab reports, sat and act study prep, or even how to make a professional resume and porfolio... there are a lot of things you can do especially to help students become more competitive when applying to colleges and universities. that's a great idea, i hope it goes well for you</p>

<p>Hey thanks for replying! Yeah I got some more ideas, I love the teaching kids idea too. I just thought of something. I could try to hold dinnners for fund-raising..I mean..everyone loves free food. :) </p>

<p>This question is pretty much open to anyone--
If there was such a club at your school like FSPA, would you honestly join?</p>