South and North Campus at Saint Mikes

<p>We are going to head to Colchester to check out Saint Mikes. In advance can someone comment in the North Campus living? How long have they had the two campuses and do those students feel disappointed in being removed from the main campus? I looked at the school for myself years ago. I cannot imagine having to take a bus to get to my room. I want our son to still look at it. Burlington is a fun town and he needs a nurturing environment. Where do the students eat dinner? </p>

<p>My daughter ended up on North Campus her sophomore year. She loved it. It seemed like it felt like a small cohesive community. Her entire dorm, which was small, was very close and socialized often. The bus trip was not an issue, they became great friends with the drivers. </p>

<p>She also loved living on Main Campus. </p>

<p>How does your daughter like the school ? What was her top reason for choosing SMC ? Does she take advantage of the proximity to Burlington and or Smugglers ?</p>

<p>We took the tour but they suggested that student do NOT have to be on the North Campus during their 4 years. Is that the case ? The campus was very quiet as they were prepping for Finals. It was -3 degrees !! </p>

Sorry for the delayed reply. No, you don’t have to be on North campus. It just worked out that way for her sophomore year because a group of her friends wanted to live together and that’s where they all could, I think. I don’t think it was her original plan but she liked it a lot.

She chose SMC for the wilderness program, environmental studies major, sense of community, size, location in VT and near Burlington, proximity to skiing and other outdoors activities. She graduated last year but really enjoyed her time there.

Thank you.