South Carolina 650 Lincoln

Hi, I was looking through the UofSC residence areas and stumbled upon 650 Lincoln. It looks like an amazing place to live that completely blows the traditional dorm out of the water, but it appears to be only available to athletes and upperclassmen. I wanted to know if this was actually the case, and if there were any other residence areas that had similar amenities and living spaces.

My daughter is currently living at 650 Lincoln and absolutely loves it! She is a sophomore this year. She said that last year pretty much only athletes and students enrolled in the honors college were able to get into this on-campus apartment. It is such a nice living space and you have to get your application in as soon as the housing application opens for upperclassman (which I believe was sometime in December last year). The only really downfall of living there in my opinion is the price. My daughter is moving off campus next year for that reason only but really has enjoyed her time living on-campus.

My daughter is just up the street at Empire. Larger bedrooms, private bathrooms, and less expensive. The university has torn down some old dorms so many freshman have been put in nearby apartments like Park Place, Greene Crossing or Younion–if you like the idea of having more of an apartment than a dorm, these are all really nice. BUT, they’re much further out and not your typical dorm experience from a social standpoint. I still recommend a traditional or suite-style dorm for freshman year if you want to meet a lot of people and be social.