South Carolina Honors Program admissions 2023

Does anyone know when USC will announce Honors admissions for 2023?

Last year our daughter got her acceptance on December 20th, which is around the same time that our older daughter got her a few years previous. However, all of the acceptances do not go out at that point. They tend to send them out for the students that are in the running for Top Scholars awards first, then the rest will come by February.

Thank you that helps set expectations. :slight_smile:

My daughter received her acceptance 2nd week of February last year. She’s currently living in the Honors Residence and is about to finish up her 1st semester. She absolutely loves it there…good luck all.

Anxiously awaiting the first wave of Honors College notifications this week!

I was just looking at last year’s posts and the first post was somebody in North Carolina on 12/19. The notifications were sent in regular mail and the envelope was the same size as the YES one for their acceptance. There was also a change on the portal around 12/20 indicating an Honors College event. It seemed like a relatively small number of students were notified this week, so not to despair if you don’t get one this week.

I signed up for informed delivery from the USPS so I can see a preview of the day’s mail every day! Nothing today, but we are in MD. Fingers crossed!

LoyolaMD91 thanks for the suggestion!! I had never heard of this before I saw it on another post today. We don’t get our mail until 4:30 so this is awesome!!

I just called my admissions rep and he said the first round of honors college notifications were sent out today! Good luck everyone!

Agreed! Good luck everyone

Thanks, Amanda. Does everyone’s portal still look the same? My son’s has not changed.

There was something new posted to my son’s portal on 12/17 - Early Scholarship Notification FAQs and when you click on it it says, “Based on your strong academic record, you will be awarded a scholarship!” Just curious if others have that.

My daughter received that as well. I had assumed this was sent to all students who had received scholarship info in their offer letters.

My daughter’s portal hasn’t changed yet today. I really hope she’ll get into honors and will be in this first round, as I’m sure we all do! ?

I wonder if the ones sent out now are the strongest candidates or the ones who submitted first or just random?

Thank you so much @amandaharper !!

Wow, someone in a Facebook forum said her daughter got HC notification along with her USC acceptance. That’s the first I’ve heard of that!

It is definitely based on who are the strongest candidates. If you’re chosen now, that means you are still in the running for the Top Scholar awards. Also, my portal has not changed yet either, but I think it is the same as regular admission where the portal took a few days to change after I received my letter. USC loves to keep us on our toes!

My son got the “you will be awarded a scholarship” in his scholarship notifications FAQS too.
It reads that the SC honors college admission letter will come separate by late February 2019.
If it says that, does it mean he didn’t get in with the DEC notifications?
I really hope to hear something soon.

@LoyolaMD91 Wow, both letter on the same day?

@longoakacademy She said it was all the same letter, but I’m kind of finding it hard to believe. I’m wondering if she was mistaken.

We have the USPS notification as well and would you not know it, this is the first day it hasn’t landed in my inbox at 7:45am!!! Dying here.

@IngaB123 stats? If you don’t mind. Thank you