Southern Poly in Marietta, GA-Does anyone know if this is a good program?

<p>I want to pursue architecture design and can't afford private or out-of-state tuition (GA). However I can qualify for Texas in-state tuition but will lose the Georgia Hope Scholarship. Additionally, I doubt I can get into Georgia Tech and I'm not really interested in architecture engineering. I'm looking for a "design" program. </p>

<p>I appreciate any guidance or advise.</p>

<p>There is also Savannah College of Art and Design. Do not rule out applying to some out of state schools, even if you can't afford it. Some out of state schools give scholarships to out of state students. My son was offered $3,000 by U of Cincinnati and we are in Illinois. They said the $3,000 was for OOS. His cousin went to Kent State and received scholarship $$ for being OOS. Some private schools give more aid than state schools. Consider Auburn or Clemson. Some states also will pay for students who have to go OOS if there is no public university in the state offering the degree you are interested in. Check since it looks like the only Georgia schools are Savannah, Georgia Tech and Southern Poly. Check to see if they are private.</p>

<p>The only school I would go to study architecture in Georgia would be Georgia Tech. If you can afford out of state then Clemson, Auburn, or NC State are good programs. In Texas I would rank them; UT Austin, Rice, UT Arlington, Texas Tech, and then Texas A&M. I do not know much about the programs at UH and UTSA. I would rank Georgia Tech somewhere in the range of UT Arlington.</p>


<p>If you have really strong stats, Clemson will give you an OOS waiver, so that you only have to pay in-state prices.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech is better than southern poly in every way except architecture! It's very very tough tho! usually 3/4 of the ppl going into that program leave it.</p>