Southwest air fare sale

<p>Local newspaper says fares as low as $25. Thought this might interest some of you.</p>

<p>Yds, thank you so much for posting this!!!</p>

<p>thank you, thank you! I got the $25 fare for DS to come home for winter break and only $56 for the return trip - (Thanksgiving fare was $300 roundtrip).</p>

<p>Woot! I was hoping people could save on bringing college kids home and those trying to squeeze in college visits.</p>

<p>Also remember that SWA also allows you to pay 10 bucks to board early instead of the cattle call, for some it might be worth it.</p>

<p>I keep getting an error on the site. Looks like everyone is trying to book. For DD coming home over Christmas the sale last week was better since she is a long flight. .</p>

<p>This is great, thanks so much for posting.</p>

<p>Yup, H found this online this morning. Not sure if he's gotten on the site yet, though -- it's all jammed up. Good news travels fast!</p>

<p>What if you've already bought a ticket at a higher price?</p>

<p>(Tickets went up $100 last week from the week before--while I was waiting for S to find out his final exam schedule--and now they are DOWN again?!)</p>

<p>Sales are not applicable for all dates

Purchase by October 29, 2009 for travel Dec. 2 - Dec. 16, 2009 and Jan. 5 - Feb. 10, 2010. Travel valid every day except Sundays.

10 characters</p>

SW allows you to re-book at the lower price and the difference is credited into your SW account. You have to use the credit within a year. We have done this often as the SW fares bounce around.</p>

<p>^^ right but there's no change fee, isn't that right? We've never had to change a SWA flight but I think that's right.</p>

<p>No change fee the one time we did it.</p>

<p>No change fee and you can pay $50 to extend the 1 year of you need to. The no change fee and credit what is not used is what makes SW the best.</p>

<p>Thanks, friends. I feel so much better now that I see my kid's December dates are not in the window! I might look into that January one, though.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, DS' last exam is after the Dec. period & he goes back on a Sun., but for those of you who can take advantage of this sale congrats. I prefer flying SW because of how easy it is to change when fares go fees to do so is a great bonus. I've probably saved over $200 over the past 8 months. On other airlines I wouldn't have bothered because of change fees.</p>

<p>Be sure to comparison shop. I was just about to book S's return to school in January when I decided to check Expedia. He can fly Northwest for $30 less that SW after all the fees and taxes are included.</p>

<p>It does look like we can get a great deal on trip we are planning to visit to 2 SILs and their families in early Dec!</p>

<p>Remember when comparison shopping that each traveler on SW gets to check two pieces of luggage for free. As far as I know, every other airline is charging and that really adds up.</p>

<p>No sale price available on S1's route for the holidays, but I booked a ticket anyways as the regular price was less than his usual Delta flight. Crossing my fingers that the connection in Midway doesn't turn into a multi-day layover in early January ;) .</p>

<p>tried SW for son's winter break -- only avail flight had 5 layovers! 13 hrs of travel! But, for $75. Might pay the extra... :-)</p>