Spain in Euro History

<p>quick free response question: How did spain become the most powerful country in Europe and the Americas? How did the Spanish transform the New Word?</p>

<p>Can we get some brainstorming ideas here? and maybe a some specifics as well? :)</p>

<p>Well, the Muslims coming in and building up infrastructure and supporting scholarship (which the Spanish subsequently seized) didn't hurt. Cordoba, for example, was one of the world's largest and richest cities under Muslim rule, and the Spanish captured that. The pressures of a protracted military campaign against Muslim rule helped forge a more powerful central government.</p>

<p>As for the Americas, Portugal's commercial success in Africa and South Asia imbued Spain with ambitions to create their own commercial empire, but Portugal already had an intimidating head start in West Africa and India. This made Spain more willing to take risks. Columbus's voyage was really a long-shot effort to give Spain a leg up on Portugal. In that, it succeeded. The Americas presented an open field for Spain, a place where it could lay first claim to all of the best contacts and plunder. Using its advantages in technology and the destabilizing epidemics sweeping through the Americas (as well as a couple of particularly bright strategic minds), Spain was able to capture the two "core areas" of the Precolumbian Western Hemisphere: Aztec Mexico and Inca South America. These commanding positions allowed Spain to lay legitimate claim over much of the Americas, and the influx of New World resources and treasure in turn fueled Spanish dominance in Europe.</p>