SPAM emails sent to colleges, what to do?

<p>Hi guys,
A couple of minutes ago I checked my email, and I found out that from my address spams are sent to colleges to which I am applying. I have already changed the password, and I think no more spams will be sent, but will colleges look at me in a bad way? However, I tagged these sent emails as spams on my page, but will colleges understand that actually I have not sent them?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance</p>

<p>The colleges are smart enough to see a difference between a spam and a legitimate email. At least, I hope they are. I don't believe it is the admissions officers who check the email. So you don't have to worry about it. If you email them with your personal information then they might add it to your application. Well, who know it could be a good thing. I'm always trying to turn bad things into good. Otherwise, just send a general email apology or don't send anything. I'm sure they will understand.</p>

<p>Just a suggestion: please don't include a real name, name of a place or object or any dictionary word in your password. Also, make sure it has both upper and lower case letters as well as symbols and numbers. Also, try to have it longer than 8 characters. This should be strong enough. Also, NEVER have the same password for any two things! For example, your College Confidential and your email passwords.</p>