Spanish 4 Ay dios mio!

<p>I just got my registration for senior year, already stressing like a madwoman! In college I plan on studying business or finance probably at Baruch, Boston College, UNC, William & Mary, UVA, Babson, or Bentley. Long list, I know :) </p>

<p>My concern is that having four years of "recommended" spanish may give me a leg up, but I'm considering replacing Spanish 4 with business classes. I feel like colleges would appreciate the business classes more seeing that it's what I'm going to study, but I need the CC input!</p>

<p>I also want to see if my schedule seems good for next year:
1. AP Lit
2. AP Stats
3. AP Environmental
4. Online econ/gov (our AP gov is stupid hard and our regular gov is an idiot slacker class)
5. Spanish 4 OR a business elective
6. A business elective
7. Free</p>

<p>If I took two semesters of 2 business classes each, I would be taking: International Business, Marketing Principals, Personal Finance, and Computer Apps in addition to my already completed Intro to Business Class. Do you think this would impress a college or not matter? Regardless I will be taking at least 2 of the electives I listed.</p>