Spanish and Political Science vs. Williams

<p>Hi, I've posted here before but I have a new question, so thanks in advance for the help!</p>

<p>I was wondering how the Spanish and Political Science departments at Vassar compared to those at Williams College. If I'm interested in studying these two subjects, alongside maths and sciences, which school would be better on a purely academic level? What are the differences? </p>


<p>i do not know williams but I am a hispanic studies minor at Vassar and can at least tell you that the hispanic studies department is very good. There are grammar as well as cultural classes and teachers from various spanish speaking countries. For instance, one semester I took a class with an Argentinian professor and another with a spanish background. There are opportunities to study abroad in Latin America and Spain as well. I cannot tell you about Williams, but Vassar has a good department.</p>