Spanish AP or not <schedule>

<p>Here is my schedule as of now:</p>

<p>A Day
English 4 AP
Gov AP/Eco AP
HST III: Dental/Med Surg
Biology AP</p>

<p>B Day
Chamber Choir (Small Ensemble)
Concert Choir
HST III: Dental/Med Surg
Calculus AB AP</p>

<p>Basically my B Day is REALLY simple until last period. I'm debating if I should take Spanish 4 AP instead of Concert Choir's place. I took Spanish I in middle school (regulars because there was no honors), Spanish II H, Spanish III regulars because of a conflict.</p>

<p>Should I take Spanish 4 AP? I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst either.</p>

<p>Well, depends on your passions, in my opinion-- is choir something you've been doing for a while and that you enjoy? Or is it just of a "filler" class at this point? If the former, definately keep choir, because well, first off, it can be grounds for a good college essay (passions always are!) and it's better to do something you truly enjoy than just an AP class, you know?
If the latter, go for AP spanish language.</p>

<p>Well actually my passion is anthropology/linguistics. So it seems like Spanish would be an automatic. I haven't taken Spanish in a year. I'm nervous about it.</p>

<p>I like choir, don't get me wrong. But taking it twice would be a filler. I mean, again, don't get me wrong, I LOVE choir. I only have 1 credit of music.</p>

<p>I'm gonna move this thread to the College Admissions section.</p>