Spanish as a minor?

<p>Is a Spanish minor at UC Davis hard?</p>

<p>My major is biological sciences and I'm wondering if Spanish will be too time consuming or difficult. I took up to Spanish 3 at my high school, but I've forgotten most of my Spanish, mostly the preterito and all that fun stuff -.-" so I can only conjugate in the present.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate your input or opinions! :)</p>

<p>a spanish minor is 6 upper div courses. upper div language courses include things like hispanic literature, spanish from a linguistic viewpoint, history of the spanish language, teaching spanish, spanish literature, etc etc etc.
if you're looking for LANGUAGE courses, you'll probably want to look at the lower div courses (which are not related to the minor at all)
i'm currently in german 22 (it's the last lower div language class they offer) and other than a linguistics course i don't really hold any interest in german literature or culture. i'm minoring in linguistics.</p>

<p>if the work load isn't too rigorous then i'll try to get a minor in spanish too!
thanks for the into Hella!</p>