Spanish Class

<p>Does it matter if I take Spanish 3 in my senior year than my junior year. Because I dont feel like taking spanish this year.</p>

<p>you'll be surprised when senior year comes at how little spanish you remember after a year off. i wouldn't reccommend it. at my school we were required to take spanish in summer school before taking AP spanish just so we wouldnt forget anything over the summer</p>

<p>just be thankful that your school offers Spanish 3</p>

<p>I missed like 3-5 months in 10th grade, and I basically dont know anything from Spanish 2 and only remember stuff from Spanish 1. So im just going to take a review course during this year and next summer then take it senior year.</p>

<p>If you use it (even in conversations with yourself), you don't have to forget it. Go to Mexican resaurants, neighborhoods with many hispanics, etc. Luckily, my neighborhood has many Hispanics and I can practice a great deal. Plus, I have passion for it. If you don't have passion for it, you'll forget it anyway.</p>

<p>Maybe you can look for an online Spanish tutoring, and review it over the summer prior to Spanish 3... because I think that's what I'm going to do.</p>

<p>This summer is the summer prior to Sapnish 3. But I think I'll do the online Spansih tutoring the summer before senior year (Which is when Im taking Spanish 3). But does it make a difference to colleges if I took it Senior year than Junior year. Plus even if I did take Spanish 3 this year, I would not take another year in senior.</p>

<p>idk how it is at your school, but here, spanish 3 was pretty much a large repeat of all the grammar that we learned in spanish 2. the vocab, you might've missed out on, but that shouldnt be too difficult to overcome if you read and do the exercies a lot.</p>

<p>Speaking from experience I took spanish 1 in 8th grade and spanish 2 in 9th grade I didn't take spanish again until 11th grade. And guess how I did?...Wonderful...and I'm not fluent in spanish at all, and I even do better than the native speakers in my class. Kinda ironic.</p>

<p>How many years to usually take an AP language class?!</p>

<p>For my school, AP/IB Spanish replaced Spanish 4, so it would be 3 years (2 if you tested into it as a native Spanish-speaker).</p>

<p>Luckily for me, I come from a Japanese-Peruvian household so had plenty of oppurtunities to practice Japanese and Spanish with family. I also wound up having to tutor AP Spanish afterschool at the school library, too.</p>

<p>Im a native spanish-speaker. :D </p>

<p>But my school does not offer any AP Lang classes. Could I possibly self-study for AP Spanish Lit/Lang? I will also take 3 years next year (junior), so I could self-study AP French?</p>

<p>i don't think it matters to the college what year you took each class as long as you've taken the class (since different schools do the required courses in different years anyway)</p>

<p>you can definitely self-study for AP Spanish, you just have to be motivated and have a textbook. Abriendo Paso Gramatica is pretty good. also, there's a lot of reading comprehension on the test, so i'd reccomend reading something like the first Harry Potter book in Spanish (so you are already familiar with the plot), you'll be amazed how it helps your reading comprehension</p>

<p>I don't think college will care. I'm taking Spanish 5 next year as a Junior because my school is stupid. We take the state test after we take level 4, while we should take it after 2 or 3. Even after the summer I'm usually forgetting a lot of Spanish, so I wouldn't recommend skipping a year and then taking it again. I don't really understand what you ultimately ended up doing though...</p>