Spanish CLEP Exam: How difficult is it for billingual speaker?

I want to get quick credits for a gen ed class at my university using the Spanish CLEP exam. I was raised speaking Spanish because both my parents are immigrants so I understand and speak Spanish fluently. My spanish reading skills are pretty good and my writing skills are ok. I just need a 50-62 to get out of Spanish I. Would it be achievable for a bilingual speaker like me?


Pick up the AP Language and SAT II review books at your public library, and take a couple sample tests for each. The CLEP is midway between the two. I know one bilingual kid who did that and scored well enough to earn credit for both first and second year Spanish. Cheapest 12 credits ever!

For any bilingual speakers wondering how it went and if they should do it to get some gen eds out. Firstly, I took the exam sleep deprived. Secondly, I am not the best bilingual speaker out there and my family constantly teases me about it. Like literally I can’t even do the Spanish ‘R’ sound. Sometimes I don’t the word for something. I never read in Spanish but if I sound it out in my head, I can read it. Albeit slowly. I didn’t study for the test, I just looked over the guide showing what types of questions would be on it to make sure there wasn’t a written portion and then I did some sample problems to asses the difficulty. It wasn’t bad at all. Since you only need to be able to understand and read I did ok for someone who didn’t sleep the night before and was one head nod away from collapsing on the keyboard. I ended up getting a 169 so I got 3 semesters worth of Spanish credit woo!